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Screenshot of world 1, level 2: City crushing giant robot cat finds a big dirty mess! Gotta smash it all up so your fox friends can roam free again!
Screenshot of world 1, level 1: City crushing giant robot cat finds so many trees are gone. The trees have all been chopped down! Stop this logging operation before they do more damage to the nature.
My iPhone game design (now released to App Store) "Robocat Rampage"

Check it out!!!

You are the brave pilot of this giant robot cat. Your job is to restore nature by destroying civilization.

Crush factories, cars, condos and so much more to help your animal friends. Be careful not to knock over trees or stomp on flowers along the way!

•stomping & crushing action with smoke & fire everywhere as you work to restore eco
•find animal friends & help them out!
•extra unlockable bonus levels for good cats!
•final big boss fight!!!

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Luke Turvey
Game Designer Vancouver, Canada