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Wave of Change
Common Unity - for Free Range magazine on the theme of 'Gardening and Violence'
12" Vinyl sleeve for Raudive on the Nummer label - Artwork for the new 12" record from Raudive entitled 'Myth'. Released by Nummer.
12" Vinyl sleeve for Adultnapper on the Nummer label - Here is the new artwork for the new 12″vinyl release from New York based Adultnapper . Well worth checking out from the German Nummer label.
12" Vinyl sleeve for Tres on the Nummer label - © Paul Bradley 2009
12" Vinyl sleeve for Matteo Milleri on the Nummer label - © Paul Bradley 2009
CD cover for The Mamaku Project - © Paul Bradley 2009
The Mamaku Project CD art - © Paul Bradley 2009
An Unusual Meeting
Public Assembly
All of These Thoughts and More
infidel syndication
safety first
me, them, us.
naked alien
Image from my upcoming exhibition - click image for details - Exhibition is at ROAR! Gallery corner of Able Smith St and Cuba St, Wellington, New Zealand. The show opens 31st May at 5.30 and runs until May 16th.
freaks i've met
postcard from barcelona
love bytes
nuclear free pacific billboard
Translocator - Flier for my current exhibition. The show runs from 31st May - 16th June at ROAR! Gallery, 55 Able Smith Street, Wellington, above Real Groovey. Wed - Sat 11am - 5pm, Thurs 11am - 6pm
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