Sush Boat - Project combining common utensiles associated with eating sushi, into one unified ensemble.
boredom ring - Funny how a trivial task of spinning a bearing by magnetic properties can keep one amused for hours! The task is accomplished by first attaching button magnets to a free spinning bearing mounted on a ring. Then, mount a catalyst ring with a button magnet. Make sure all magnets involved have the north pole face out. Now, simply move the catalyst ring across the bearing's outer surface as indicatied in the illustrated diagram. Due to the similar poles facing each other, the magnetic forces will repel each other causing the bearing to spin without actually touching it!
bike exploration - exploration design sketches for a medical utility bike.
Toaster - Proposal for a personal portable toaster done with an corporate identity in mind. In this case, Braun.
pencil sharpener exploration - quick ideation sketches....