The first idea for the concept, a modular bus stop. Five parts able to combine into an indefinite number of combinations.
Improved version of the concept.
First model, to try to get a better feel for the form.
Exploration sketches in search for a better profile.
Exploration sketches in search for a better profile.
Final suggestion for the profile of the bus stop.
The final bus stop. Here in a larger version with a long bench.
Smaller version of the bus stop.
Small version with only the base unit. Here seen as it would look outside the train station in Amsterdam.
Larger version, as it would look in Amsterdam.
Base unit with travel planner/ticket machine, solar cells and lights.
Benches. Short and long version.
Glass panels.
Smaller parts; metal plates, distances, poles and a roof with light and a solar panel.
Bus Stop

A Bus Stop project made at Fh Aachen, Germany

Mikael Persson Hill
Product developer Bollebygd, Sweden