wedding jewels
logo - Produccion de 100 logos que luego fueron colocadas en las carteras de cuero. Estan realizados en bronce con una capa de laca para evitar su oxidacion.

:: I have done a small production of 100 logos for the leather bags that you see to the left side. The logos are realized in bronze and have a cap of transparent lacquer to avoid the oxidation::
gargantilla - ::From the request of a necklace with leaves, I proposed two designs, of which was elected one; and from this one, the earrings of the set.
The necklace is realized in sterling silver, by hand, and with every articulated branch in order that it adapts to the body and has mobility::
Flor - :: "Flower" short necklace of sterling silver, done by order. The petals have a texture in their surface and polished in the edges. The strips are of leather and the central gem a red agate::
Trabajos por encargo-made to order
Muriel Clemenceau
urban jewelry Capital Federal, Argentina