Norooz (new Year in Iran) - This is my latest digital work that won the 1st prize in contest.
Fiery Eye - A graphic design for photo-art
Earth Candy - a free style illustration
3 Women
Photo Art - Typography for my weblog
Stalking of Pen - My business card
Hafez-e Shirazi - A new poster of Hafez (the great Persian poet). This work is completely designed by me and all rights reserved seriously .
Flying Notes - I had an amazing nightmare. I heard a strange sound which I knew that it is a kind of weird music...
I don't want to hear this sound anymore.
This work is made by photoshop.
To'be Shekan - "To'be Shekan" in Farsi means the one who stops penitence.
I had been affected by a great music when i was making this work. a music by "Homayoun Shajarian".
Mohammadreza Shajarian - This is inspired from the latest concert of "Ostad Mohammadreza Shajarian"
Love in Kiosk - Inspired from a music by Kiosk band and Mohsen Namjoo.
The name of song is: "Yarom Bia" (Come, my sweetheart)
Red Apple - Digital Painting - This work is made basically in Adobe Illustrator. further edit and other effects are done in Photoshop. (the whole work is made by me, the model of this work wasn't a real photo)
My website screenshot - the website of "White Paper Design Studio"
Digital works