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Michelin Challenge Design - Truck, Tire and Wheel concept for the North American Market 2050
Concept Breakdown - The Proposed wheel and tire concept are a tall and narrow package, that combines the tire and rim in to one replaceable unit, while separating the sidewall as its own unit. The entire assembly is driven by a hydraulic/pneumatic system which allows for varied ride height. Adjustable ride height allows for a self leveling and varied ride height, and for varied torque delivery to the contact patch.
Michelin Challenge Design 2010 - Tire and rim are exchanged as a unit reducing variables such as bead seal and balancing. The unit as a whole is mounted on one drive rim connected to a pneumatic/hydraulic drive system, which is capable of various ride height; level ride, varied torque delivery, and optimal ride height for off road, or highway applications. Sidewall is a separate unit, allowing for a redundant tire system, and easy replacement in case of curb rash. Tires are available in various colors to suit customer style.
Michelin Challenge Design 2010
Michelin Challenge Design 2010
Michelin Challenge Design 2010
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Michelin Challenge
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Misha Shevelkin
Purchasing and Inventory Associate at Stockton Graham & Co. Apex, NC