First Floor plan
Secon and third floor plan
Fourth floor plan
Fifth floor plan
Main Facade View
Entrance facade
Exterior view
Exterior view

This new use development will be the first of its kind
in the university market, in the city of Bucaramanga.
A multi-family project targeting young professionals
ans students. Located just east of the UIS
campus, in a university neighborhood, close to
many amenities and to the downtown of the city.
The project consists in one building with fourth
floors. The student housing project consists
in a multi-family apartments featuring a mixture
of studio, one-, two- and three-bedroon
units. All units have their own social and private
areas. The building has on the fifth floor
a terrace where the laundry room is located.
The volume of the project is characterized by the
modern style of its facades and materials used.
The idea was to create a movement on the facade
with some cubes in different colors to mix
them with the other materials of the building,
as metal, glass and dark surfaces. On the first
floor, there is a parking space for some vehicules.

Maria Bibiana Fuentes
ARCHITECT Montréal, Canada