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This is the hammer from both angles, it was very big and very heavy.
This detail was designed in Solidworks and 3D printed on my home printer. It features the Gemhammer & Sons logo, sanded and finished with metallic iron paint.
The visage of Papa Gemhammer was burned into the shaft with a wood burning kit, I also added runes (complete nonsense shapes that I made up) to frame the face to give it a bit more of a magical edge.
A before and after of Papa Gemhammer's face being added to the hammer shaft.
Conor, co founder of Gemhammer & Sons Gaming after being given the finished hammer for the first time at PAX East 2017
Gemhammer Prop

I was contacted by Gemhammer & Sons Gaming to create a physical model of thier titular Gem Hammer, they didn't have a set in stone design so they let me have my way with it and make something up off of the top of my head.

The finished hammer was on display at the Gemhammer booth at PAX East 2017 and is still in use at different conventions they attend.

John MacInnis
. Boston, MA