These are some concept sketches for detail work that would be molded into a lip cuff for part of the Bait'D Freya line. The patterns are designed to align themselves with the brand of Freya.
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The Terra Collar is designed to be worn as an elegant necklace but also used as a collar. Here are some concept sketches for one version of the Terra Collar. The collar needed to work as a elegant necklace piece but also be strong enough to have a leash attached and allow for pulling/tugging. These collars were designed to align themselves with the Terra brand under Bait'D.
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CAD Models and dimensions for concepts of the Terra Collar that were chosen to be taken further in the design process.
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Renderings of both Terra Collars to show material and scale on a model.
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The Terra Snake is a necklace piece that doubles as a flogger. The challenge of this design was to create a piece that concealed it's secondary purpose and was still a modern and elegant piece of jewelry. Here are some initial concept sketches for the Snake.
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CAD Models of the snake were created to get a sense of shape and size. The second rendering shows how the leather flogger would extend out of the Snake, using the Snake's head as a handle.
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CAD renders showing more details of the Snake. The head and tail would come together using a bayonet type lock. The jewels would be inlayed onto the Snake's surface and the scales would be soldered on.
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Bait'D Internship

This is a collection of products that I contributed with in research, ideation, design, and CAD modeling. All projects were designed with the help and direction of Abigail Vasquez, senior industrial designer at Bait'D.

Bait'D is a luxury jewelry design firm that creates accessories designed to empower women an encourage sensual play.

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Maddy Balmer
Industrial Designer Seattle, WA