Avantissima Coffee Maker

Avantissima is a concept proposed for Casadio (La Cimbali). It's a coffee machine including 3 main portable detachable sub-machines. the main middle part is for making coffee, mocha, cappuccino, and other similar hot-drinks. This part has the advantage to pure 4 cups in a same time. There are 4 capsule holders, 2 of them for single cup and the other 2 for double cup fillings.
The left machine is a steam maker and can be detached and be sold either with the other parts or separately. The right part is a small fridge for storing milks and cream. this one can be also either a separate part or included. At the top of the middle part, the storage for chocolates are integrated. The red color has been inspired from Ferrari cars.
The advantages of this concept are that it can be sold by parts separately or all together. Also, it can work with WiFi or SIM Card. La Cimbali ,Casadio, and Ferrari are all registered trademarks and this project was done as a university project.

Mahdyar Fakhraei
Industrial Designer (MA) & Mechanical Engineer (BS) Cupertino, CA