Nokia W7:
Customized for a W7 platform with HDMI port and a minimal shape.
The buttons are clicking type in order to prevent exiting from an opened application by being accidentally touched the back button.
The design of W7 is curvy from any view.
The display size is 3,7".

Nokia Retro:
It has the contour of remembered 3650 model but a lot thinner.
It is designed for a Windows Phone 7 Platform.

Note: Nokia is a registered trade mark and the mentioned designs here (Nokia w7 and Nokia Retro) are proposed for Nokia company. All rights of the designs of Nokia W7 and Nokia Retro are reserved to Mahdyar Fakhraei Ghazvini.
The display size is 3,7".

Mahdyar Fakhraei
Industrial Designer (MA) & Mechanical Engineer (BS) Cupertino, CA