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Personal brand.
Industry: Financial consulting and Education
Grand Club logo draff.
Hope cup 2013 key visual
Hope Cup is annual football tournament for children from shelters and invited international schools, sports academies. The tournament is not only a football competition but also a culture exchanges place for kids from different background. To celebrate 4 years old, Hope Cup 2013 expands for 14 teams in 2 age groups including U15 & U17 with the following objectives:
-?To continue to maintain and improve an annually sports event for disadvantaged children.
-?To bring equal playing and self-improving opportunity for disadvantaged children via a sports event.
-?To provide children from various social stratums from shelters, international schools and sports institutions a chance to interact and learn from the others.
-?To improve the children’s social adaptability.

Vitality 3+ - Logo for Brand's Herbal Essence of Chicken 3 Plus campaign. With vitality 3 plus, specially designed for 30+ men. To sustain physical and mental health for 30+ men.
The idea is "Brand's Herbal Essence of Chicken keeps you full of Mental, Energy and Vitality all day long"
Oriental is a restaurant inside the Hoi An Beach Resort, special for Central traditional and popular food.
Garlic is a specialty of Hoi An and Quang Nam province, a popular spice. It is more tasty and sweet-smelling than the others. I developed this logo capture the garlic as a symbol with typo "Oriental" to make it simple and traditional.
N2 Heaven Logo
Brand Identity
Nguyen Mai
Graphic designer. Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam