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Contrast of Saigon book.
Contrast of Saigon

Though now officially named Ho Chi Minh City, this city is still commonly known as “Saigon” by locals and foreigners. Saigon is more than just a historical name for the city; it evokes the stories and emotions attached to this land and its people. There have been several books about Saigon, made by local and foreign artists, but Soyon has taken a very unique angle on the subject. Contrasts of Saigon considers the Saigon of today – a city of contrasts, where the juxtaposition of East and West, yin and yang, high and low, and traditional and modern are just a part of everyday life. Those contrasts have created a Saigon of today: chaotic yet interesting and dynamic. From hundreds of pictures, sixty-eight pictures were chosen for the book to reflect Saigon from different lens of fifteen photographers. The book is a prolific and accomplished body of visual and literary work, a product of a big collaboration between Soyon team, photographers and the printing house.

Nguyen Mai
Graphic designer. Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam