HS '78 Collection

The HS '78 Collection is a set of packs made exclusively for the retailer Tilly's. We were tasked, by Tilly's, to create an vintage-ish collection that drew on High Sierra's history as an outdoor bag maker. As part of the process, I went through old HS catalogues, chose appropriate bags for function and style inspiration, and created a set of bags that drew inspiration from High Sierra's past, but also moved it toward the future. This is another collection of bags that are part of High Sierra's "Urban Outdoor" category. The Urban Outdoor category strives to make bags that are functionally and stylistically suited for both the outdoor and urban environments. It was an appropriate fit for Tilly's since they had a lot of "vintage" bags, but no true "outdoor" bags to cater to a key demographic.

Michael Angelini
Product Designer San Francisco, CA