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Movements made within the laboratory before and after the intervention
storage space for all the cells to be organized and transported together
Extra carrying capacity for oil gallons
Sludge test cell weighing about 18 to 25 kg when it is filled
Previous procces requiered to remove the mud testing cell from the machine
Previous process required to transport the 25 kg cell from the machine to a Disassembly station located 20 feet away
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Project designed by the design team in collaboration with SSI Mosaic Solutions Qmax Colombia , approaching a problem of ergonomics in its main laboratory in Bogotá, and more specifically in reference to the testing machine fluid and processes required for its maintenance.

The product achieves a 58% reduction in the movements required to disassemble the machine for maintenance, greatly improving the efficiency of the laboratory and also completely eliminated the heavy lifting work for the personnel, thus eliminating the lower back pain and similar injuries produced by the poor ergonomics of the machine.

Manuel Esteban Rivera
Industrial Designer Bogotá, Colombia