Olive Oil Bottle - These projects are done during my work experience Sisecam Glass Packaging Company between the years 2005 and 2007.
Sparkling Water Bottle - The sparkling water bottle is designed for Uludag Co.
Bottle Bottom Design - Experiments on bottle bottom design for different hard drink brands
Tomato Sauce Jar - The project brief is to design new standard 500 cl jars, compatible with cylindrical labeling.
Standart Jar Gravures - The project brief is to re-utilize standard old jar molds with new engravings to increase the jar sale on market.
2D & 3D Modelling - Engraving design is done with FREEFORM and CATIA programs and transferred to the mold factory with 2d and 3d drawings.
Technical Drawings
Glass Packaging
Maral Kinran
Industrial Designer Milano, Italy