Bayiner Electrical Coffee Machine - This is my bachelor graduation project at Istanbul Technical University. The company, with which I did my thesis, produced the coffee machine in 2005, and it is still on market. (
Traditional Turkish Coffee and Tea Making - Turkish teapots have the originality to be double, the one on the other. The big bottom pot boils water and keeps the upper pot always hot. On the other hand, Turkish coffee is never filtered.
Mind Mapping - The project brief was to redesign the company's electrical coffee and tea machines. I did the analysis of existing coffee and tea pots and machine and combine new solutions.
Tea and Coffee Machine - For tea machine, I came with the solution to brew the tea automatically, adapting the same system used in mocha pots.The boiled water passes through a tube hidden in bottom pot and go to the upper pot and brew the tea. On the other hand, the coffee machine has foldable and detachable handle. The coffee and tea machines have the same curvy form and let the liquid run easily.
Coffee Machine Details - The company registered the 2 machines in Turkish Industrial Design Registration Office and decided to produced the coffee machine with a fix handle. The coffee machine is still on market!
Maral Kinran
Industrial Designer Milano, Italy