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M. House is a contemporary architecture based on overlapping rectangles designed for nice panorama view in Singera, Moldova.
So the shape is very unique if we look for a second from the outside. Even if this is your first time seeing this kind of
house you will be little to ask, is the purpose of forming a house with such a strange shape. When that it was confirmed
about the purpose of forming this house just says “I love the shape” because it makes differents. With accents on facade forms,
minimalist interior offer you correct function of it with light and shadow and materials.
The house is situated east-west, with most living spaces enjoying maximum daylight via strategically placed ventilating
windows to south, east and west-oriented window walls, providing a variety of exposures and views. The polished concrete
floors on both floors have radiant heat pipes embedded in the structure, providing the primary source of heat.

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Ml Arhitecti
Architect + Design Chisinau, Moldova