My project was to design the footwear of the future. The midsole is replaced by a neodynium magnet field. The magnets are hidden inside the outsole and the bottom part of the upper and them are repelling each other for better absortion of the impact.

Other qualities of the shoe are the use of memory shape materials that use the warm of the body to fit the upper strap on the ankle.
For the packaging I created a box that can store numbers form 6 to 14. With this idea the box will fit automaticly the size of the shoe.

The use of the neodinium magnets will make this task easier.
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We had the chace to work with Stance, the toy company, so we could create a real 3D model of our shoe. I had to break the toy a little.
The final panel is including our first sketch, our final design in a lateral and bottom view, the storyboarding, materials and colours, the packaging, evolution of the sketches, and the final stance model.
The storyboard. I didn't wanted to be boring, so I made a comic.

Kinetic energy stored inside the outsole and nanomaterials improve body’s circulation.
PENSOLE at Parsons


Marc Illan
Product Design Nürnberg, Germany