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freelancing work
Dimatur corporate - Retailer of publicity materials, biggest in country.

Redesign of logo, corporate branding of Dimatur. Logo, stationaries, cards, editorial design, trade fair, packaging, ilustration, outdoor publicity, etc.
Arcanjo corporate - Retailer and fabricant of iron gates and acessories.

Logo design, concept applied to the corporate branding (stationaries, uniforms, cars, editorial design, packaging, outdoor publicity, etc.)
Entermadeira.com corporate - Informatics store.

Logo design, corporate branding, cars, stationaries, cards, uniforms, cars, trade fair image, bags, etc.
AEM corporate - Statistics and analysis firm.
Logo design, stationaires, cars, etc.
Tubo d'Ensaio corporate - Firm that I work for, specialises in communication design and webdesign.

Logo design, stationaries, cars, etc.
freelancing work
freelancing work
freelancing work
freelancing work
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