The space exploration era gave us the best herald to the humankind advance: the launching of a space rocket and the canvas of the burning and flaring pillar that connects the heaven and earth, a White technological device that carries in her womb millions of illusions and dreams.
Every book presents as an unexplored world, a shining star through the night veils, a silent and a dormant spaceship that yearns to take off with his reader.
A sheet of paper is light as a feather, the book present as a pair of glorious wings; the library emerges as a chest that contains millions of treasures, a sea of wonders.
The library turns into a universe in itself, seeds of knowledge and embryos of creation.
The architectural proposal must transcend the burning sands of time by that force will be sculpted a temple forged by crystal, stone, light and space, bridges suspended in midair as flying palaces.

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Marco Galan
Architect bucaramanga, Colombia