Bailey's Irish Cream - Produced at Stardust, NYC A drop of Bailey's Irish Cream bounces from one set of a woman's lips to another to the beat of the music.
BIG Music - Produced at Stardust, NYC style frames for various channels on India's BIG network. The idea was to create ID's that were sculptural and had a sense of physicality to them.
Honda Soul Van - Produced at Stardust, NYC A style board for the Honda Odyssey based on the style of Soul Train
HSBC - Produced at Stardust, NYC End tag style boards for HSBC
NatGeo Expedition Week - Produced at Blur Styleboards for NatGeo Expedition Week Pitch
Monty Luke - Art, Love, War - Produced with Markhor Design Collective Created in collaboration with Scott Waraniak ( and Steve Panicara (, this piece explores the idea of creation and destruction as cyclical forces.
Edgar Alan Poe - This project is based on research on the poet, Edgar Alan Poe. The imagery and copy used are all based on or parts of his poems and short stories. This piece attempts to capture the chaos in Poe's mind that has translated into his classic writings.
Shell World - Produced at Stardust, NYC Shell World is a place where a myriad of small ways to improve energy and oil consumption are implemented. Painting roads white so that fewer lights need to be used at night and in tunnels, placing windmills on off shore oil rigs,and farming algae are all proposed ways to save and reuse energy and oil. These boards depict the idea of removing CO2 emissions from the air and placing them back in the ground where they came from.
Teen Choice Awards - Direction 1 - Produced at Blur Styleboards for the 2009 Teen Choice Award in the theme of Rio De Janeiro.
Teen Choice Awards - Direction 2 - Produced at Blur Styleboards for the 2009 Teen Choice Award in the theme of Rio De Janeiro.
Tylenol Infants' - Produced at Stardust, NYC A baby seal splashes away cold symptoms. Characters designed with Tae Kim.
Zune Style Boards - Styleboards created for a project at the College for Creative Studies Two streams of liquid sound move seperatley creating a disjointed musical composition until they combine to create one harmonious composition.
Style Boards