Tiki Surfer's Breaking Waves by Margaret Perez He's cool, confident and love to ride waves. His grin says it all - to be free and happy is not a stereo-type.
Awesome Surf! by Margaret Perez Tiki surfer simply had an awesome surfing day!
Scuba-Bot by Margaret Perez Scuba-Bot is a very curious and adventurous robot. He can dive deep into the ocean floor and go to great depths to meet new sea creatures!
Robb-Surfer by Margaret Perez Robo-Surfer is a free-spirited robot who likes to ride the waves! His rust-proof and crimson red metal body can ride and glide across any reef breaks.
Go Gorilla! Gorilla surfers has four times the dexterity. Surfs up!
Surf's Up! (Character Design)

Character design and illustration for surf, beach, summer project.
I had a great time creating these cool surfers to life!
Makes me want to head to the beach. Surf's up!

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Margaret Perez
Design Manager & Co-Founder (RALP Mango Graphics & Game Design... Manila, Philippines