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Tiki Surfer's Breaking Waves by Margaret Perez
He's cool, confident and love to ride waves. His grin says it all - to be free and happy is not a stereo-type.
Awesome Surf! by Margaret Perez
Tiki surfer simply had an awesome surfing day!
Scuba-Bot by Margaret Perez
Scuba-Bot is a very curious and adventurous robot. He can dive deep into the ocean floor and go to great depths to meet new sea creatures!
Robb-Surfer by Margaret Perez
Robo-Surfer is a free-spirited robot who likes to ride the waves! His rust-proof and crimson red metal body can ride and glide across any reef breaks.
Go Gorilla!
Gorilla surfers has four times the dexterity. Surfs up!
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Surf's Up! (Character Design)

Character design and illustration for surf, beach, summer project.
I had a great time creating these cool surfers to life!
Makes me want to head to the beach. Surf's up!

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Margaret Perez
Design Manager & Co-Founder (RALP Mango Graphics & Game Design... Manila, Philippines