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Is a project designed in collaboration with Alejandra Pimentel, Irene Rojas, Alejandra Rodriguez, Estafania Robles, Cecilia Ezquerro and Francisco Torres. Which purpose is to reconnect ancient traditions and hand crafted artisans with modern materials and technologies. Cesta intends to relate weaved palm characteristics with a daily need of modern society.
Subsequent to Cesta’s achievement, we made an alliance with Ediciones Jalapa in Mexico City to produce a limited quantity with higher standard qualities.

To achieve this whole process we attended with a specific family of artisans from Tlamacazapa village in the state of Guerrero, the Sabino Lopez family, whose talent, imagination and disposal made Cesta possible.

Cesta materials:
Knitted palm, powder coating iron

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Mariana Aguila
Industrial Designer Ciudad de México, Mexico