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Palimpsest; A Brief History. Installation in collaboration with photographer Mary Jo Toles. Wall text, printed boards, images printed on plexiglass, glass shelf and "Handbills" that outline five periods in the area's history: The Erie, Early Settlement, Port of Trade, Industry and Today. Over 500 of each Handbill was distributed during the exhibition.
Detail of wall pieces, including vinyl text on the wall, printed paper mounted to board, print directly to board and photographs printed on plexiglass.
Detail of glass shelf and Handbills distributed throughout the exhibition.
Each Handbill was a one-page synopsis of a distinct period of history in Cleveland. The Erie (Erielhonan) people who lived in the area before 1650; Early Settlement of "Cleaveland" (the "a" was dropped in the early 1800s); Port of Trade (The Erie Canal's impact on the region); Industrial Development after the Civil War; and Today. Each history was printed on a different stock - oilskin, parchment, unbleached cotton, bleached cotton and biodegradable plastic. And, each history was printed over a ghosted image of the earlier history, creating a palimpsest, or multi-layered final document. These individual sheets were available for visitors to take with them. During the first installation, we gave away close to 1000 copies each of all five sheets.
Views of Installation.
Detail of Wall Text and "Handbills" given out at exhibition.
Detail of palimpsest on the "Today" Handbill.
Palimpsest: A Brief History

Installation of typography, information design and photography in collaboration with photographer Mary Jo Toles.

Mari Hulick
Director, The School of Design, San Francisco State University San Francisco, CA