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The Collaborative Campus Planning Project

In planning for Sustainable Cleveland 2020, Mayor Frank Rich initiated a series of projects geared towards rebuilding the city of Cleveland. One such effort was the "Collaborative Campus Planning Project" in the Campus District. Home to a community of people who, though poor, have lived in the area for a few generations, the Campus District is undergoing significant change.

The Planning Project was charged with crafting a new vision for the area, one that included it's richest resource: the people who live there. Seven designers along with a team of researchers and writers, worked alongside members of the community to craft a plan for the district's future. The team ultimately created a series of "Walks" that built upon and expanded the resources that exist in the district: people, gardens, businesses and culture. This section shows the boards that were on display at a number of presentations and exhibitions showcasing the work of the team.

Mari Hulick
Director, The School of Design, San Francisco State University San Francisco, CA