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Peter Williams Motorcycle

Hello chaps,

This is a range of ideas that we are currently developing around the the 'Peter Williams Motorcycles' name and graphic mark 'PWM' or 'W' monogram.

Some are good some aren't so good. Some are good but wouldn't work as well on a bike. We must consider the potential applications such as printed media, like brochures official paper work, business cards etc. Digital, including web and display screens. Clothing, both embroidered and screen printed. On display boards as cut vinyl graphics, and of course on motorcycles as cut vinyl decals and 3d plastic or metal badges. As I say it's very much a work in progress and still needs some work but I wanted to get some feedback (both positive and negative).

Let us know what you think.

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Mark Wells
Partner at Xenophya Design (info@xenophya.com) Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom