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Saturn Spraying Systems

Saturn Spraying is a global supplier noted for its high quality innovative solutions in food spraying applications. The spraying of glazes, oils and emulsions, consistently and evenly onto foodstuffs with precision and repeatability provides significant business benefits to the food production industry.

At the core of the spraying system, is a dish shaped rotating stainless steel disc. The disc is rotated at speed, whereupon, liquids are fed into the centre of the spinning disc. As this liquid is accelerated by the spinning disc, it spirals out to the edge of the disc and is then launched tangentially into the air. Here, the disc will spray uniformly and homogeneously through a full 360 degrees. By enclosing the spinning disc with a metal cover incorporating an adjustable aperture, a precision spray pattern can be focused on the required area of application.

Freelance, Full-time
Mark Franklin
Technical Illustrator London, United Kingdom