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LOGIQ Tower™ is a brainteaser extraordinaire. A stacking tower consisting of 15 unique pieces yet with more than 22,000 possible solutions. The goal is to build perfect cylinders around a central column using a combination of unique inner and outer puzzle pieces. Definitely challenging and admittedly addictive.

As you carefully interlock one piece with another, the stroke of genius is but one move away. With 4 different levels, LOGIQ Tower™ appeals to children, teens and adults.
By using a different number of inner and outer elements (from as little as 6 puzzle pieces to the entire set of 15 pieces), when stacked correctly, one can form full cylindrical structures [1] of differing height levels. Taking this into account, this toy offers a range of difficulty - suitable for varying age groups, both children and adults. However the time needed to solve each level will vary from person to person and the complexity is not always related to tower height.

[1] Full cylindrical structures have no gaps in their surface. Only full cylindrical structures count as fully solved cylindrical jigsaws.
The product specs of the final production version:

- Material: eco-friendly rubberwood (hardwood)
- Color: water-based, non-toxic dyes (visible wood texture)
- Storage: cotton pouch
- Size: 120 mm (4,7 in) high x 93,5 mm (3,7 in) diameter
- Weight: 500 grams (1,1 lbs)
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Logiq Tower

LOGIQ tower™ is a brainteaser extraordinaire. With more than 22,000 possible solutions, the stroke of genius is but one move away.

Conceived: 2011
Produced: 2013
Category: Toys & Puzzles
Market/ Availability: Global
Status: Consumer product
Client: Great Circle Works (CA)
Website: logiqtower.com

For all inquiries, please write to: info@greatcircleworks.com

All works © Marko Pavlovic 2013.
Please do not reproduce without the expressed written consent of Marko Pavlovic.

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Marko Pavlovic
Product Designer Zagreb, Croatia