Big Talker - The idea behind this piece is that people are consumed by their own speech and this speech also becomes their identity. Through different fonts I hoped to establish a specific identity for each character in the piece.
Hip Hop - Part of a series of pieces based on people's profiles. The piece begins with a line drawing, is scanned in, then composed in Illustrator. There are subtle textures in the piece to give it a more hand done appearance.
Walker - Another piece in a personal project focusing on profiles. The figure is hand drawn then scanned in. It is composed in Illustrator with scanned in textures and photography that has been manipulated in Photoshop.
U - Another in the Profile series. This one was a play on the character annunciating the letter that appears in the piece. Again there are subtle textures to give the piece a more hand done feel.
Kiss - A very quick and loose piece. This was initially a sketch that I really liked. There is a soft sort of romantic mood to this piece. It has a spontaneity that I have always liked.
A black love (man) - First part of a diptych
A black love (woman) - Second part of a diptych
Hand drawn