Minerva - A study in finely crafted hair
Two Libras
The Dragon
Queen Of Hearts
Looker - This Illustration appeared in the Semi-Permanent Exhibition book
Sunglass GIrl - This was used as a t-shirt design for Tank Theory
Vida - This is an illustration for the story the Abortion by Richard Brautigan. It appeared in Falcon vs. Monkey an art and writing magazine out of Australia.
ice queen
cometa medusa - A play in contrasts here. I am using the red hair to pull out her green eyes.
cometa chocolate - I like to try out multiple versions of the same piece. Here I just wanted to play with the negative space. I also wanted to add a bit of fashion sense to here so I put a small necktie around her.
Coy Girl
Sleepy Time
Digital Girl - Sort of a play on internet porn. The squares are pixels which is what makes up the image on your computer screen. A very abstract interpretation, but I feel like it works.
In Profile
tiger's eye
Amoeba - A tryptic working around the idea of different hairstyles. All three use the same model with differing types of themed hairstyles.
just the two of us
Lovely Ladies