Live and Let Live - Think of this as a simple rule for living a better life.
Sigh - Sometimes its all you can do.
Get the Wheel and Lets Drive - Dames, Driving and Death. Women on the road and out for blood. These two have been burned one too many times and now its time for revenge!
Nosotros Dos Somos Uno - A pair of twins, but with a few slight differences. The sign above reads We two are one.
Ruthie - A lovely party girl enjoys her olive martini.
Kissy Kissy on the Cat's Paws - Legs and faces and cat's paws and other ephemera.
Katie the Ripper - Taken from a photo of model and photographer Katie West. I used her face, but added all the clothes, make-up, hat and mask. I wanted a sort of old world feel to this. Originally she had a strait razor in her hand, but it seemed too over the top for what I was trying to do.
Frills and Frocks - This was originally a t-shirt design, but I think it would work well as a print too.
Pop Lust
Lose Yourself - Let your imagination and hopes and dreams and fantasies guide you. They may take you some place you have always wanted to go.
Girl with a Pink Rose - I was up late and had just finished some freelance, but I wasn't really all that sleepy yet so I banged this out real quick before finally passing out. This only took a little over an hour or so. I woke up the next day and made a few tweaks to it and that's it. I really like this piece. Sometimes its the stuff that you don't over think that comes out looking the best.
The Fever for the Flavor