Lytro Illum

Lytro is changing how people take and experience photographs. The company’s plenoptic microlens array captures a 4D light field, enabling photographers to shoot ‘living pictures’ that can be refocused or have their perspective shifted after they have been taken. While Lytro’s first camera unleashed photographers’ imaginations, its small sensor, simple physical interface and unique form factor just scratched the surface of the possibilities of light field photography.

With better optics, a better sensor and improved computational capabilities, Illum pushes the boundaries of computational photography. Intended to bring computational photography to the experienced and sophisticated photographer, Illum balances Lytro’s vision with the realities of market, technology, and user expectations. Lytro’s light field engine in combination with a zero-to-infinity focusing range makes Illum a tremendously powerful tool for technical artists and photographic enthusiasts.

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Markus Wierzoch
Postindustrialdesigner Seattle, WA