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'Gunther' - ceramic coffee machine - RSA 2005:
Ceramic Futures - No Boundaries Brief

The filter is manufactured from 'Ceramic Foam',
which will naturally filtrate coffee because of its perforations.

The hot plate is manufactured from a ceramic called 'Alumina',
which helps keep the coffee jug warm, because of its good energy transfer properties.

The tactile feel of ceramics helps to define the premium in this coffee machine.
'Tidy' - cordless vacuum cleaner/ footstool - Product Furniture

Cordless vacuum cleaner / footstool that’s at home in your lounge.
For the style conscious consumer with limited storage space.
Kenwood 'Slice & Dice' - chopping board & knife block - I added value to food preparation products
by observing how people use the chopping boards and knifes.

Product visuals modeled in Solidworks, rendered in Alias.
'Bloom' - gardening bag - RSA 2004:
Inclusive Worlds - Smart Wearables Brief

Hard waterproof bag to keep gardening tools together.
One half can be used as a knee rest, the other has an intuitive timer to pace yourself in the garden.

The idea of pacing yourself is so you don't overexert yourself,
lose track of time, & forget to take your medication.

'You can reap almost the same health benefits from gardening as you can from a workout in a gym.'
says BUPA Dr Sally Cubbin.
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Comments (1)
  • it's cute, it really looks like a beautiful furniture.

    14 years ago

  • it's cute, it really looks like a beautiful furniture.

    14 years ago

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Mark Whitcombe
Senior Industrial Designer at Newell Brands Sydney, Australia