110: Exhibition - To celebrate the Bank of Cyprus's 110th year anniversary we were asked to design and create an exhibition that reflected the importance the bank has had in all aspect of Cyprus's history and its people. One of the exhibition requirements was that it would travel to other cities.

Creative Director: Alex Demetriades
Art Director: Marta Chade
3D Engine: Srdjan Markovic
Illustrations: Jelena Obradovic

Case study and more info: www.hypermedia.eu

Watch video: www.vimeo.com/5304314
Multitouch screens
Multitouch screens
110 Moments in Our History - Exhibition

110 Moments in Our History

Project purpose: 5 interactive touchscreens and an accompanying dvd application that were part of the exhibition prepared for the 110th anniversary of the Bank of Cyprus. Our goal was to show the history of the Bank and the main 6 Cypriot cities as well as highlight the interesting life stories of 6 prominent Cypriots in an intriguing and interactive way (5 interactive touchscreens and static exhibition).

My role: Art Director / Interactive Designer

Responsibility: I was responsible for the overall look and feel of the exhibition as well as the UI design of the interactive part. I've worked in a close cooperation with programmers on making the touchscreens' interface as intuitive as possible. I was also supervising a team of designers and managing the content. The screens were accompanied by an interactive dvd. I was responsible for preparing working templates in Flash/Actionscript.

Marta Chade
Design Lead Leipzig, Germany