BOCCF Website

Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation - website

Project purpose: The goal was to redesign and refresh the Foundation's website and make it more user-friendly and up-to-date. Our focus was on presenting the enormous collection of books, manuscripts and art owned by the Foundation as well as the contents of the Numismatics Museum and The Giabras Museum.

My role: Art Director and UI Designer

Responsibility: My task was to redesign the website's entire structure within the client's brief requirements as well as preparing the website's wireframe using Axure RP. I have created graphic templates for the programming company responsible for the CMS and combining the two together. I have worked closely with their programmers on implementing the templates as well as for improving the CMS and adjusting it to the client's needs. I was also responsible for managing the content and supervising the teams of programmers, graphic designers and people responsible for preparing/uploading the content.

Marta Chade
Design Lead Leipzig, Germany