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AWARE OFF MY PRIVACY. Media Architecture Biennale 2020 #FuturesImplied.

In the pandemic summer 2020, I took part in the MediaArchitecture project course at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. Researching the topic, at first me and my colleague Alexandru Voicu made an educational video on Æsthetics and Poetics of Responsive Urban Spaces. Then, with another colleague of mine, Evgenia-Maria Zolota, we developed a project that spreads public awareness about digital privacy. We were developing a Tracking App which people would voluntarily download and then see and realize the results of AI evaluation of location tracking on themselves. Later however, we switched to another concept of direct confrontations on the topics of digital privacy in public space. We made posters with questions, stickers for reactions, wore them in the streets of Weimar and engaged people with them. Several hundred people reacted to our survey and thought about digital privacy that day. It is important, as if we don't secure our data, we become very vulnerable to many kinds of oppression.

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Freelance, Moonlighting
Martin Šálek
Student of architecture and creative designer. Výmar, Germany