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work with the LIGHT topic - scale model of light wavelengths 500000:1
1st concept - LIGHT, visual culture and astronomy
my observation of the sunrise in situ
chronological chart of my cultural experience throughout my life
analogically projected future perspective of the cultural palace
2nd concept - over-regional connection
The bike and pedestrian connection of the mining town and the palace and the observation tower in the hills to the north are other important elements of my proposal.
again projected reactions of people to the new life of the Kulturpalast
PDF Booklet describing the project in depth.
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UNTER.Wellen.Born to? Kulturpalast Unterwellenborn 1954 - 2054

The task of this project at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar was to propose a new use for the former cultural palace, built in the then East German town of Unterwellenborn.
As the initial topic of my design I have carefully chosen LIGHT, which is connected to everything visual: optics, astronomy, graphics, film or art. The second part of the input is the historical meaning and the over-regional connection of the palace, connecting and providing a meeting space for Europe once split by the Iron Curtain.
After the unique process of chronological charting of my own cultural experience, I have chosen festivals and subsequent expositions related to both initial topics as the specific use of the building (along with regular cultural events).
They would be an youth UN simulation, the DOM (German Optical Museum) would have there its rural subsidiary, like the yearly Weimar facade projection festival Genius Loci.
In the interior I have designed workshop rooms and full barriere-free access.

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Freelance, Moonlighting
Martin Šálek
Student of architecture and creative designer. Výmar, Germany