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VIMENTUM. Riverside park and multi-functional building. 2018-19.

My task was to revitalize a stripe of land between an important street and the river not far from the centre of Ljubljana. Currently there are a not very attractive park and homemade homes.
The park floor is dominated by large multi-functional spaces with a bar/café and the rest of the area is made up by their service spaces. Entry is also possible from the street level.
On the street floor the residential program starts. Each of the apartments has at least one terrace, in the street floor always connected with the living room through a glass wall. Some apartments are only in the first floor, while the other ones also reach the upper floor, mostly with their bedrooms.
Facades are divided into dominant and recessive. A dominant facade is covered with white plaster and defines the shape of the building. A recessive one is made of wood and covers mostly walls around terraces (nested volumes). The northern facade is serious towards the street and the southern facade is open to the park.

Freelance, Moonlighting
Martin Šálek
Student of architecture and creative designer. Výmar, Germany