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Contest Della Valentina Office

Orizonta comes from the necessity of hiding the work space at home in an elegant way. From the many ideas and ways of reaching this aim, we came to the idea of hiding all the space with a door or a folding screen which allows us to suspect what’s behind. The solution we found was a sliding door that slides hiding the work area in moments of leisure, leaving one of the sides semi covered with an effect of lights and shadows, reflects and transparencies.
With that door another ideas came out to adapt the furniture to the professional sphere. We decided to create a system of elements that leads to a space of cooperation. We use the door to divide work spaces that are adjacent, in a way that we can open it and close it so we have a room for meetings with no necessity of using another space just for it.

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Carlos Martín Vidal
Ingeniero Técnico en Diseño Industrial / Design Engineer Madrid, Spain