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romantic victorian pigs - victorian pigs on a romantic date. Winter backstreet
Animal steam train journey - a variety of animals enjoying a trip in the countryside on a steam train.
Animal underground commute - collection of animals on a morning commute to work
snails in love - snails on a date
Spirit of autumn woman in forest of leaves. Photoshop painting.
astronaut confronting alien monster - marooned astronaut facing a battle with monster on desert planet.
manga professor and nice pink monster helping him with an experiment. Vector illustration.
Dinosaur shopping - Dinosaur mum with son out shopping
york,UK - visual description of york,UK
Father christmas lion giving out presents
crocodiles playing tennis
dinosaur fun playing Volleyball on a beach vacation
bus queue - bus queue on a rainy day
big train little train - large diesel locomotive with small steam locomotive
Happy snowman playing with some happy children at christmas.
pigs train journey - pigs on a day out by train through the country side.
dinosaur UK judge

digital photoshop painting
children playing in snow
frankenstein creature in storm (vector version)

This vector based illustration depicts frankenstein’s famous creature out and about in a storm. It is done to A3 size and was completed in November 2012.
dragons relaxing at home
Small cat, big lion - small cat washing, standing next to large lion
kite - two children flying kite on windy day
Giant squid attacking ship at sea - Giant squid attacking ship during a storm at sea.
Lionheart Lion - LionHeart lion about to battle evil crocodile in a sword fight.
pig party - pig having a birthday party
Animal Office
supermarket horse - cashier horse serving shifty crocodile in small shop.
Alien ice cream (vector version)
This illustration is based on an earlier digitally painted image of mine, which featured two child aliens eating ice creams, standing on an alien planet. That illustration was painted in photoshop using pixels, but this image is created in illustrator, and is a vector based image. This image uses only one of the aliens and is quite close to the original one in design, though the artwork is far more graphic and stylized in look.
victorian inventor - victorian inventor putting finishing touches to new machine
children snow sleigh ride
farmer - farmer waving to cows
animal birthday party

This digital illustration is painted in Photoshop to A4 size. It was painted in November 2012 and depicts a birthday for young cartoon animals. It features a young tiger cub with a pirate hat on, surrounded by his various animal friends consisting of an elephant, bear, snake being tormented by a monkey, piglet in a nappy, crocodile and a giraffe.
Woman on horseback in forest - Woman on horseback in forest, watched by cherubs.
hungry dinosaur - hungry dinosaur chasing its meal
lion - proud lion surveying his teritory
zebra crossing - zebra crossing in 60's style
illustration for horror story.
painted in photoshop
shopping - mother and son out shopping
Mermaid on rock - mermaid on rock, with crab,dolphin and seagull.
Wicked witch casting spell - Wicked witch casting spell, with cauldron and creature forming
knight riding on dragon from castle - knight riding on dragons back,away from castle.
plane - pilot getting ready to fly
romantic skeletons in graveyard. Digital painting.
graveyard digger ghost
spider web picnic - house fly enjoying picnic on spiders web
Rhino entering hotel with fox porter
tea time space walk - space walking husband as wife tells him teas ready
animal fun fair - collection of animals enjoying time at an animal fun fair.
Undersea life - painter photoshop
sweet candy manga ghost. vector illustration.
Red Riding Hood - Red riding hood, holding picnic in basket, with bad wolf looking on.
Halloween Ghoul rising from Grave with pumpkin-digital painting
Milkman - Milkman on his daily round
manga london girl shopping

vector based drawing
life on mars - field, with snail on old chocolate bar,body and microlight in distance.
dinosaur holiday vacation on beach

digital photoshop painting
'harry the harrier' illustration. painted in photoshop
Animal Supermarket
Humpty on wall - Humpty Dumpty on wall
afternoon drive - afternoon drive for animals,policeman questioning them for overloading car.
Racing Car Elephant - Elephant driving a sports car through a forest with fox friend.
Creepy castle - Creepy Castle in valley with child looking on.
Lion family enjoying a stroll in park
illustration for horror story.
painted in photoshop
Roman Gladiator with monster on pillar - Roman Gladiator with monster on pillar in amongst ruin.
Cartoon Happy busy honey bee with yellow flower
spring bee - spring bee with daisys
st valentine pig love
knight in battle with giant serpent
Mummy Awake - mummy about to menace two archeologists
father rhino with son
dinosaur football - dinosaur football game
christmas dinosaur santa ride
post bird - bird carrying post alarmed by elephant flying his small plane.
Sir bumpkin knight - sir bumpkin knight (very clumsy)
post bird alerted - Pigeon delivering post startled by elephant in plane passing
fishing in foreign seas - book cover
RBS fat british bank pig
southampton first cow flight
'harry the harrier' illustration. painted in photoshop
kitten with girl fairy in garden
The Luncheon on the Grass with dinosaurs.
digital painting
moon catapult - cheeky child aliens firing catapult at astronaut
hanzel and gretel in witches kitchen
lion cub in hospital
ghost train kids fun fair
story telling pig with family
hippo post man on cycle
hungry bad wolf in field with little sheep
father christmas - father christmas stuck in chimney.
racing running elephants in athletic statium
Dinosaur Community Policeman helping youngster
princess ghost chase - princess chased by ghost in a dark, creepy dungeon.
two romantic cats in love
front room bear family son playing compter game
alien beach vacation
baby dragon receiving gift on its birthday. Photoshop painting.
monster loose in victorian laboratory
cheeky alien invasion
gorgon medusa
cat and girl playing
Royal Wedding 2011 cake
princess releasing bird
Animal Wedding - Animal Wedding

Happy Halloween witch with graveyard friends
Happy skateboarding Lion with ipod
little magic fairy forest connected on to the internet

This digital illustration was created during November 2012, and shows a fairy with her small insect friends in a forest. The magic forest has just become wifi connected to the internet, show the residents are now using the latest computer technology to find out about the evil witch on the other side of the forest.
The painting was created at A4 size using photoshop, on a dark brown ground that can just be picked out. The fun part of the painting was thinking about and painting the light coming from the ipad and such devices, and how they react with their users faces.
Girl in a balloon greeting a happy sun
illustration for horror story.
painted in photoshop
cartoon Frankenstein in storm.
vector illustration
animal souls cover
photoshop painting
animal pirates

digital photoshop painting
pit of insect monsters

digital photoshop painting
romantic dinosaurs in love

vector drawing
Kids in old house with haunted grandfather clock. photoshop painting.
Manga girl with cute cat in garden. Vector illustration.
Tony Blair and the devil. Blair is holding weapons of mass destruction documents.
Dinosaur santa out in the snow delivering presents at christmas.
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childrens illustration

This digital illustration is painted in Photoshop to A4 size. It was painted in November 2012 and depicts a birthday for young cartoon animals. It features a young tiger cub with a pirate hat on, surrounded by his various animal friends consisting of an elephant, bear, snake being tormented by a monkey, piglet in a nappy, crocodile and a giraffe. The intention was to make the illustration colourful and lively and simple. The bold simplicity of the red,uncluttered background helps to push the cartoon animals out. Using the red background also complements the blue banner with the 'Happy Birthday' message. Balloons and other decorations, spilled drinks and chaos help to create a lively atmosphere.

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Martin Davey
Illustrator London, United Kingdom