leaning molds - It’s a leaning furniture wall system that becomes part of the public landscape. They transform the walls of a space by making them functional and aesthetically pleasing. Since the space is transitional, the needs of all passengers are taken in consideration. The design is made for a person to lean while waiting, leaving space for the other passengers to pass by without congesting the corridors. It’s composed of two molds identically in shape like puzzle pieces creating infinite pattern.
flower pods
bent glass - This glass was design based on the principles of universal design. Simple and intuitive, its shape is based on the natural form of the hand. The form given to the glass allows for a more comfortable grip lowering the physical effort for grabbing. Bent-glass complements well with any tableware, it also becomes the conversation piece at the table because of its unique shape and elegance. Drink with comfort!!!
Maruja Fuentes
About me: San Juan, Puerto Rico