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Light Clock - This design was created to provide a sense of space and light while also being minimal as to fit in with most individual styles and taste. The clock allows light to pass through it and can be a centerpiece or placed on the wall.
Caterpillar Radio - Using the components of a standard SONY analog radio, I designed a radio which embodies the design methodolgy of the Caterpillar brand.
BOSCH Planer - Designed as the next evolution in the BOSCH planer range. There is particular attention payed to ergonomic issues and the chippings extaction system.
Salt & Pepper Shakers - A set of shakers designed for Habitat, they have a slight kitsch feel to them yet are still stylish and retro. If they are shook the liquids mix and settle when left back down.
Airport Seating Range - Using only three extrusion moulds I created a seating range that can be used in public spaces. The designs are unobtrusive while also being stylish and comfortable.
Chop 2 Pot gen 2 - The evolution of the joseph joseph chop 2 Pot chopping board.

A 3rd hinge was added to provide more precision when emptying the contents into pots and more stability when standing to dry or for storage.
Bombay Sapphire Glass - Glass designed for the annual Bombay Sapphire college competition
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Colm Marum
Industrial Designer Dublin, Ireland