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Submerge 150' Submersible Catamaran - The yacht of your dreams. The submarine that allows you to explore the underwater beauty. The best of both worlds.
ideation process - Exploration of Catamarans and Outriggers
Ideation process - Exploration of Catamarans and Outriggers
Ideation process - Open design Exploration sketch-a-thon
Ideation Process - Selected design direction
SUBMERGE dares to go where no other vessel can. - Waterjet propulsion. Advanced insulation for extreme weather conditions. Alcoa composites
Rear View - Storage & Drop shoot for scuba gear, jets skis, etc. Bank Vault inspired Stern.
Explorer Mode - Ready to haul ass.
Submerge - 150' Submersible Catamaran - Resort mode offers a new visual experience for the customer by submerging the bottom deck.
Submerge - 150' Explorer Mode - Front view
Submerge - 150' Submerge Mode - Front View
Submerge 150 - Sideview
Submerge - 150' - Alcoa titanium Waterjets. Turbine engines located inside the hulls.
Submerge - 150'
Submerge - 150' - Helicopter view exposing the cutaway of the hull's shoulder/pivot design
Submerge - 150'
Submerge - 150' Submersible Catamaran - The underside showcases the most advanced Hendrickson pivot suspension, and new material 'Aluminate Glass' ideally replacing window-like areas.
Submerge - 150' - My vision of the Submerge hovering over the clients; enjoying a scuba session!
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Marzo Id
Industrial Designer Miami Beach, FL