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Stanley - Stanley is a unique pepper grinder created using Ashlar-Vellum Cobalt.
Stanley Construction
Castellan - The Castellan is a compact, intuitive aid that addresses common problems experienced by cricket umpires.
The clean, understated design and materials reflect the nature of cricket.
Castellan Use - The Castellan's primary functions enable umpires to accurately keep track of the game.

It also features a messenging service to quickly and clearly verify decisions with other match officials.
M-RIG - My major project began by researching the way that loads are transported. This direction narrowed to the context of construction sites, where the wheelbarrow is most commonly used. My research showed the limitations of existing devices and techniques, and defined the parameters for a new product.
M-RIG Development
The Deckster - The Deckster is a piece of outdoor furniture inspired by New Zealand's maritime culture and backyard boatbuilders.
Caspio - Caspio is a two-seat, twin-engined recreational amphibious aircraft.

Semi-finalist entry in Design Your Dream Ducati Contest, 2003.
Caspio Development - Original concepts for the Design Your Dream Ducati Contest, and 3D modelling progress of selected concept.
University Portfolio
Mason Brown
Gold Coast, Australia