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London 2012 Olympic Torch Concept - Concept for a London 2012 Olympic torch, designed to reflect the 2012 brand and philosophy of the London's games.

With the Olympic and Paralympic games getting equal screentime, and a real focus on everyone participating, the two torches lock together for key ceremonies, symbolising inclusivity.

The edgy, geometric style ties in with the existing 2012 brand design work and is distinct so that it is recognisable as runners pass through crowded streets.
Navetas Smart Hub - The Navetas Smart Hub allows customers to monitor their home energy use in real-time, and make informed decisions about cost and environmental impact.

It is an intelligent data collection device that identifies which products are plugged in around the house, collects data on their use and sends that data either to a Navetas In Home LCD Display, or website.

Navetas Energy Monitor - The Navetas Energy Monitor is a suite of products that customers can self-install, which allow them to monitor their home energy use in real-time, and make informed decisions about cost and environmental impact.

Dulux Painting Products - Responsible for industrial design within product team, working on a new range of products for Dulux. Dulux PaintPod, Dulux PaintPod Compact and Weathershield Backpack Roller.

Dulux PaintPod - Powered paint roller designed for Dulux. PaintPod is faster, easier to use and makes far less mess than traditional rollers. It even cleans itself!

Part of the industrial design team responsible for prototype testing and development, detailing for manufacture and brand graphics.

Dulux PaintPod Compact - The new PaintPod Compact has been designed to attach straight onto the PaintPod emulsion pack, so there is no messy pouring. Its compact size is perfect for those with smaller spaces and limited storage.

Industrial designer on project team developing product from sketch to manufacture in very short timeframe.

Visual rendered in Hypershot from Solidworks CAD.

Weathershield BackPack Roller - The Weathershield BackPack Roller System is a unique and revolutionary way to paint the exterior of your home. The complete painting system, combines the power of a pump to dispense and control paint from specially designed packs. The system fits neatly inside the handy rucksack for mess-free, fast and easy painting.

Folding UHF Antenna - Using the latest PCB antenna technology and incorporating an internal amplifier, the Folding UHF antenna is optimised for digital transmissions.

Its compact size makes it ideal for those with a minimalist interior, whilst it's sturdy construction, with no flimsy elements, make it a good choice for those on the move, such as students or caravan users. The aerial is due to go on sale in Q3 2009.

Ideation sketches, digital illustrations, mechanical design and detailing.
Indoor UHF Antenna - Whereas most indoor TV aerials are upright and bulky, the ledge type antenna utilises a flat PCB antenna, so that it is sympathetic to the shape of modern flat LCD TVs.
The aerial is designed in advance of the UK's switchover to Digital in 2012 and is due to go on sale in Q3 2009.

Ideation sketches, digital illustrations, mechanical design and detailing.
AlertMe Security Monitor - Design Week Awards 2009
Winner - Consumer Product Design
Shortlisted - Best of Show

Product and packaging design for AlertMe - a system of home security products aimed at the consumer market. Alert Me wirelessly monitors your home and relays information to your mobile.

'Bespoke' mobile phone concept - Concept mobile phone designed for Cambridge Design Partnership as part of a project exploring emotional engagement with mobile devices.

The 'Bespoke' concept focused on user customisation of the device at point of purchase, and offered materials such as leather and suede designed to improve with age.
Quick Sketch Ideation - Quick ideation sketches for a mobile phone project. About 1 hour to sketch out ideas and 1-2 hours to produce each of the the finished illustrations. Drawn in Corel Painter with interface design in Illustrator.
Gmax Equine Performance Monitor - Gmax is a biometric monitoring system for horses that allows riders and race teams to accurately measure speed, position and heart rate and opens up new possibilities for training and racing. I am responsible for industrial design, interface design and brand identity.

Professional electric harmonica - An wireless, amplified harmonica for professional musicians. My final year project at the University of Northumbria.
Conducted market research, interviews with professional harmonica players and developed design from first sketches to detailed prototype.
Genevac Rocket™ Evaporator - An innovative new design for a laboratory evaporator as used in the pharmaceutical industry.
Generated a diverse range of digital sketch ideas before developing the preferred design in Solidworks. Simultaneously developed the product's GUI from the ground up for optimised workflow and ease of use.

Michell Instruments Laboratory Hygrometer - Michell hygrometers are high precision laboratory tools for measuring humidity in controlled environments.

Worked as an industrial designer on the project team responsible for re-designing caseworks to reduce cost, improve ease of manufacture and appearance. The brief required us to design a unit that could be rack-mounted as well as operate either vertically or horizontally on a work surface.

Zeiss Evo Electron Microscope Workstation - Workstation design for Carl Zeiss Inc. Responsible for user needs including ergonomics and optimising workflow. Worked with the client on a wide range of concepts, producing fast digital sketchwork of each.

Inca Onset Printer - The Inca Onset is a large-format digital industrial printer for producing PoP graphics and signage. Several concepts explored using Solidworks and parts developed for manufacture.

Internet Radio - Internet radio concept, developed to a realistic level using Solidworks. Rendered using Photoworks.
Coded door lock and handle - Design and development of a coded access lock. The top panel is removable, allowing users to specify a keypad, IR sensor or other input device. Explored several concepts and developed preferred design further in Solidworks. Rendering produced using Photoworks.
Plastic Logic E-Ink Reader Prototype - Early caseworks design and prototyping for Plastic Logic's new e-ink reader. Explored a range of distinctive designs as digital sketches in painter, and developed parts for rapid prototyping in Solidworks. Rendering produced using Photoworks.

Industrial Design
Matt Corrall
Bristol, United Kingdom