Research for Jill - Extensive personal accounts were recorded to make sure that Jill was going to be designed for a specific purpose other than "redesigning another product"
Research for Jill - Information was analyzed for road standards and jack instructions. Then re-evaluated to make sense to the user
Research for Jill - Making the personal effort to see each manufacturer's standard jack was extremely helpful. Almost all manufacturer's didn't provide easily-ready instructions with the jack itself.
Research for Jill - Looked at standard jacks and aftermarket options in comparison. Showing the pros and cons as well as cost and strength required to operate each.
Jill the car jacks new helper - Showing sketch development alongside the final design. Almost all sketches were very rough to explore ideas for jack packaging, jack design, or safety accessories
Jill the car jacks new helper - Jill's packaging houses traffic triangles for an increase in user safety, knee pads included in the packaging design, a jack and extended crank, as well as directions with visuals. The final design is housed in a strengthened vinyl wrapped hard foam for durability and comfort.
Jill the car jacks new helper
Matt Dean
industrial designer Chicago, IL