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Public Art, Sculpture, & Foundry Work - A select sampling of 3D sculpture and monumental scale work created between 2001-2009
Architectural Interiors, Design, & Project Management - Selected Architectural Projects completed between 2001-2009
Fabrication, Installation, & Site Supervision - Sampling of commercial and historic restorations projects I executed between 1998 - 2001
PFA Project - medium:
Rolled Aluminum and Neon

30’ x 10’ x 10’


year completed:

PFA sculpture created for Silverspring, MD while working with a Washington DC based Neon Studio
PFA Project - Fabrication Details
The Gift - Custom Furniture
The Gift - Installation Views
1157R Katana Project - A highly modified 1982 Suzuki Katana. The stock model Katana was designed by Target Design in Germany for Suzuki Japan. The 1157R Katana now sports modern suspension, braking components, and 135hp/75lbs Torque.
Water Glass Walls - SW Medical Center - medium:
Fused and Laminated Art Glass

12’ x 12’ x 3"


year completed:

3 floors of fused and laminated waterglass walls for the SW Washington Medical Center.
Mohegan Sun - Architectural Themeing and Fixtures
Mohegan Sun - Chrome Tree Chandelier
Mohegan Sun - Lounge Chandelier and Fixtures
Pequot Halo Bar - Fiber Optic Curtains and Crystal Chandeliers
Foxwoods Rotunda - Illminated Art Glass Panels
Zed451 - Harvest Chandelier
Lucier - Blown Glass
Lucier - Blown Glass
1157R Katana
1157R Modified Rear End
1157R Modified Fuel Cell
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Matthew Castor
Industrial Designer and Project Manager Portland, OR