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Rectilinear Clock "3.25"

This project is a clock with an emphasis on rectilinear form; the second project within my Design II class. The goal of this project was to create a clock using rectilinear form, and to infer the clock hands and the time, by using only the form of the object itself. The clock hands are referenced with the two triangle shapes on the top of the piece, and the time is shown by the direction they point. The whole piece was also meant to have a precarious balance to make it feel like it wants to fall over. The name "3.25" is due to having to use $3.25 in coins, to help weigh the clock down after realizing that a small metal bar was not heavy enough. The time lapse video shows how the clock changed form as the time changes.

Matthew Cuccurese
Industrial Design Student Patchogue, NY